Sierra Leone uses Swiss Made BlockChain Technology For Election Results

BlockChain has far more uses than just being currency as Sierra Leaon showed when they utilized a Swiss designed blockchain platform for an election.

Sierra Leone has just become the first country ever to hold an election and use blockchain to record the results.

Agora is a Swiss-based Blockchain voting technology company. Agora CEO Leonardo Gammar> Gammar said sent a message out to Agora’s telegraph followers that “engaged in Sierra Leone’s presidential elections,” and that they are currently located in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital, to assist their Blockchain node operators in auditing the election results.

Gammar posted to the Telegram groupthat the team was “proud to announce that our results in the western district are 2 hours ahead of the National Election Commission and all NGOs, with 86% tallied.”

Agora’s newly appointed COO, Jaron Lukasiewicz, who previously founded Coinsetter, said “A country like Sierra Leone can ultimately minimize a lot of the fall-out of a highly contentious election by using software like this.”

Lukasiewicz went on to say that Agora’s Blockchain voting technology worked successfully in the Sierra Leone election, as they have “already tallied the votes days before the official commission.”

For Agora as a company this has much bigger implications in that they can now show other countries how successful their system is for elections vote counting and recording.

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