Medical Records To Be Kept On Blockchain

MedicalChain, a company which enables patients records to be stored on the blockchain which then enables all relevant parties, Doctors, nurses, etc to access these records and alter them as required which then creates one version of the truth, has announced a partnership with the London-based Groves Medical Group for a pilot program giving patients access to telemedicine and the ability to pay in crypto currency.

MedicalChain has its only coin ‘MedToken’ which is traded on five leading exchanges. This deal means that Groves Medial will be the first UK health care provider to accept crypto currency as payment.

MedicalChain will provide patients with a wallet so that they can access all their details.

Dr. Vince Grippaudo, a Senior Partner at The Groves, said the deal was unique and added:

“We believe that by empowering people to choose how they access healthcare, we can reduce the burden on public health services. The goal is to improve health services, not only in the UK but across the world, and with Medicalchain we believe we can be a part of that.”

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