Crypto Currency Bubble To Remain Growing!

Jim Newsome, ex-Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chair and current cryptocurrency developers, miners and exchanges adviser, said “A burst of the cryptocurrency bubble is unlikely because the industry is too immature and the big money isn’t there as institutional investors sit on the sidelines because of the regulatory uncertainty.”

Newsome and former SEC Commissioner Paul Atkins were going to present a report on cryptocurrency token issuers and purchasers at the Digital Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting however this didn’t happen as they stated the subject was far more complex than they had first believed.

With Japan now actively moving in to regulate crypto currency and other countries either issuing crypto currency or bringing in some form of regulation usually against exchanges he believed the US needed to speed up government involvement so that they wouldn’t end up left behind.

DTCC Global Policy Chief Mark Wetjen predicted that Congress would move in and give financial regulatory agencies additional authority to regulate cryptocurrency.

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