Comcast Leads BlockChain Start Up Investment With $3m In Blockdaemon

Blockdaemon CEO Konstantin Richter posted on Medium that it had been quite a year

“From when we set out on our journey last summer, we have grown from 2 dudes to 10 engineers and a handful of smart and driven deal and market makers — ensuring our platform hits demand in a sustainable and strategic way. And as a result, we are announcing a serial-seed funding round this week, led by seasoned enterprise VCs — Comcast, Boldstart, MState (backed by IBM), Plug and Play — and Silicon Valley super angels who earned their chops building multi-billion dollar businesses (Meagan Jones, Sam Lessin, Jeff Fagnan, etc.)”

He went on to say that “We ended up raising a $3.275mm round, which we will use to grow our engineering team from 10 to 20 in the next 6 months, to enhance infrastructure options, and to help customers run multi-tenant networks across all sorts of different blockchains.”

Blockdaemon claims to be ‘The simplest and fastest way to spin up nodes and scale decentralized applications. Now, including public nodes.’

Blockdaemon offers a multi-chain multi-cloud network management tool that can deploy nodes and connect them to blockchains within minutes. Blockdaemon also offers its own infrastructure for select projects to offer faster deploy times and lower costs. The end goal is to offer all blockchain projects a global decentralized network management tool connected to multiple infrastructure providers.

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